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R points Program



User instructions:
1.Guest checkout can not use or reward R points.

2. How to get R points makes it easy to get more R points for free. The ways are as follows:

(1) Shopping on our website


When customers pay online successfully, we will process your order as soon as possible.

As long as your order status is shipped out, you will get R points which amount is the Commodity cost (excluding insurance and shipping cost) automatically.


(2) Write a review you get 10 R points, upload a photo in review you will get 20 R points.


(3) Upload a photo in Style Gallery, once it's approved, you will get 20 R points.


(4) Share our products at on social networks or forums

 a. Share any Rosewe products on social networks or forums, and copy the link.
 b. Sign into your Rosewe account, and find “My Points”.
 c. Then find "Earn Points Now", you will find "My share".

 d. Click “Add Share”, paste the link url, and then submit.
 e. Our staff will look over and approve if your link is effective. When approved, 30 bonus points for each url will be added to your account.

1. Social networks would be: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Google Plus, and etc
2. Please share products on different networks and within 24 hours you can share only 1 link on the same platforms.


(5) Subscribe our email to get 200 R points= $2 cash.

At the bottom of the webpage, you can subscribe our email to get 200 R points. But only those who subscribe for the first time can get 200 R Points. 


3. How to use your R points

(1) 100 R points = $1USD


You can use your R points as commodity costs as the following:100 R points = $1USD


(2) When you get available points, you can use them on checkout page, find “R points” and put in the quantity you want to use.


You can use the points to reduct commodity costs(excluding insurance and shipping cost).

The R points can be used with coupon code together.

But the points savings cannot exceed 5% of the final commodity value.



3. The guidelines of using R points


(1) Some specified products are not in the R points active.


(2) The order which is using R points for payment cannot participate in the activities.


(3) The gain R points are not affected by coupon. 


 For example: commodity value=$10, use 10% off coupon=$9, You can get 10 R points.


(4) The order which is using R points for payment cannot get R points! reserves the right of interpretation for this Program, Please feel free to contact us for any questions on Support Center


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